Every year, just when the leaves are beginning to re-appear and the grass starts to grow, many homeowners begin noticing paint failures around the exterior of their homes. Most homeowners realize that they haven’t re-painted in years, and some have just had bad luck with the harsh winters. In any case, many homeowners will call College Pro Painters, a leader in exterior painting, to come by and take a look. The team at College Pro Painters is made up of Student Painters who are passionate and driven, and young Entrepreneurs who have their immediate future in the balance. These Student Painters are committed to providing you with high quality work at an affordable price. If for any reason you cannot use our services this upcoming Summer/Fall, then here are a few DIY painting tips from the Student Painters at College Pro!


For homeowners who deal with harsh winters, you will have heaps of snow sitting on your deck through the winter. Hopefully you have stained your deck within the past 2-3 years for protection, but, even with that,failures are likely to arise as Spring sets in. After all, the changes in temperature wreak havoc, and shoveling a walking path can be even more damaging to the deck surface.


Once the snow melts and it’s been dry and warm for a couple weeks, it is prime time to give your deck a face lift.


1.     Make sure to fill in any holes with wood filler to prevent from future rotting. If you notice a plank is rotting make sure to replace it immediately. No need to replace the entire deck but make sure to take care of the details.


2.     I would then suggest using some wood soap and water and just lightly cleaning the whole deck.


3.     Then you are going to want to sand off any flaking stain and/or rough areas.


4.     Wait a day or two and proceed to stain.


5.     Add a second coat if the look is uneven (most likely in high traffic areas).


Now, if you notice a little discoloration in the stain, you may want to add one fresh coat of stain to help protect the wood and have a more vibrant finish for the summer. Most Student Painters would agree that all you need is a gallon of stain for an average deck surface (preferably the one you previously used, but if not, go with a solid stain for proper coverage), a staining brush, one tray and some sand paper. College Pro Painters also recommends definitely cleaning the deck to ensure the longevity of the work.  This is probably the easiest and fastest way to update your deck without spending too much.


Now, if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, why not call College Pro Painters for a free quote: 1-800-324-2468


DIY Painting Tips from College Pro Painters -  Decks


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