Everything is in the details.  You’ve heard that before, right?  This idea sometimes gets lost in long hot days and metal oil paint fumes, but it is something every College Pro Franchisee must remember. I was doing around ten estimates a week at the peak of the summer and, at times, would find myself rushing through the estimation process.   I found myself making mistakes on the paint and supplies I was going to need or miss evaluating the prep wok etc… All of these things cost me both money and time.

My College Pro Experience - The DetailsThe last job I did this past summer was a big one that included foundation, a deck, front railing, garage door with frame, and a front door with frame. A job like this with so many components can certainly take time to estimate. We began work at the end of August and everything started off well.  We began with the foundation and front railing. The railing was looking great but the owner was wondering why we were not filling the holes in the foundation as we were already starting to paint it. They were not massive holes but resembled skinny long cracks. This is something that was never discussed or included in the estimate but actually seems like a normal concern. I could have brought it up during the estimate as an option but didn’t. As a College Pro Franchisee you are now left in an interesting situation because you want the homeowner to be happy but you also don’t want to be taken advantage of. In this case, I apologized for not clearing this all up in the estimate.  I simply explained that we could do it and asked him to compensate me for the extra supplies I will need. He accepted what I had to say and the job continued on pleasantly. It is hard to have the answer for these types of situations, as they generally vary from case to case. In this case I got lucky and was able to have my painters start prepping other components to the job while I went out and purchased the necessary supplies to patch up the cracks.

Overall, before any job commences, you should sit down and go over every detail and make sure you are prepared. Details are everything.  Planning for possible bumps in the road is also smart. Always have a plan B so that you don’t waste both time and money!

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