You are the boss at College Pro

YOU ARE THE BOSS, as a College Pro Franchisee.  You are responsible for your business, working with clients and making decisions all come with the title.  Being your own boss is not for everyone, but, for some, it is the best way to go. I myself have had many jobs over my 22 years. From working part-time as a receptionist at a gym to working retail in a clothing store etc… Through all my experiences I have always been an employee and always had limitations in what I could/couldn’t say or do. I hated taking orders and would often offer my opinion on things when it wasn’t requested. I wanted to take action and be the boss…but I wasn’t the boss.

Growing up, my friends and I would come up with idea after idea and say we are going to pursue them. Of course we never did pursue them and that’s because, more often than not, people just don’t know where to start. That is the wonderful thing about College Pro, there are no more excuses. You are thrown into running your own business (with direction and support) and finally get the chance to be your own boss.It gives you a chance to see how it is to run your own business. From there you can decide whether or not this something you want to do moving forward or just look back at it as a great summer experience.

College Pro acts as a great transition from being an employee to being the boss mainly because they provide you with a proven model to be successful. Along with that, College Pro helps support you throughout the summer in order for you to hit your goals. I haven’t seen or heard of any other opportunity quite like it!

For me, getting up every morning as a College Pro Franchisee and doing my own thing was amazing (although often earlier than I would have liked). Of course, there were almost always too many things to do, but I made the schedule. Everything ran through me and that is a pretty awesome feeling.

And for what it’s worth, sometimes it’s also nice to show off in front of your friends who are sitting around watching re-runs of Entourage and eating Cheetohs.

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